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Good Fight


by Old Wounds

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released November 9, 2018

Kevin Iavaroni - Vocals
Michael Weintraub - Bass
Matt Guyre - Drums
Ben Waugh - Guitar

Produced, mixed and mastered by Andreas Magnusson
Recorded at Audio Vèritè
Photography by Johanna Stickland
Additional vocals on “Give a Name to Your Pain” by Lee Acosta-Lewis Additional vocals on “Failed Design” by Chris Motionless
Layout by Forefathers


all rights reserved


Track Name: Your God v. Their God
Unholy lies on the lids of my eyes. 
You're walking on water. I’ll admit, was a nice disguise.
I want so much more than this life. So much more than you have to offer.

You watch as we starve and you plead for salvation.
You laugh as we mourn. I’ll never understand the fixation.
Part the sea and you’re adorned. Superstitious rock star. Jesus Christ is born. 

You’re glowing at the palms and you demand devotion. God is the razor and you are the crimson. You’re flowing from veins. 

The darkened skies above you, raining down bloodshed tears.
An illusion the rest of us will remember for years. 
Your ominous glow can not grow dull. You watch as we weep. 

You’re glowing at the palms and you demand devotion. God is the razor and you are the crimson. You’re flowing from veins. 

Your ominous glow has not grown dull. You watch as we weep.
Track Name: Stripes
You can hear them shouting. Shouting from an open window and the youth has never felt this low.
The writings on the wall that they painted read "pain is the law." The boys and girls can feel the beat. The words they speak are tongue in cheek.
Learn the truth about your roots and the bloodstains on your boots.
Your paradise is an old photo of strangers without a frame. And you’re out of view.

Tattooed wrist and a lack of conscience. Yes, it makes me sick.

You wanted a war.

No means to an end because it’s already ended. The guilty lay so high and mighty.
Everyone is hiding the answers, but I know how to get it.
Here we are, the near and the far. All your promises lay in a jar.
We love dying for the sins of others.

Tattooed wrist and a lack of conscience.Yes, it makes me sick. 
Everybody knows that it always goes to show. We shall soon cease to exist. Rain down. 
Track Name: Beauty Mark
This can’t be heaven, because you can see me. Please hold my insides when they take my soul.
You’re so ugly on the inside. It’s okay, because so am I. 

If this is your kiss, it feels just like a fist.

Your jealousy fits like a glove. A glove that I can wear too.
Is that blood on your teeth? 

If this is your kiss, it feels just like a fist.
If that is your kiss, it feels just like a fist. 

Is that blood? 
Track Name: Give A Name To Your Pain
Worn out from bleeding and I am still awake.
Hours of watching them tearing nerves and reattaching the strings.

I’ve known agony. I’ve watched it grow inside. And I have never felt so alive.

My head between the heart shaped guillotine.
My head stuck between a dream.

I just want to escape the mundane. It’s not coping with the pain.
It’s waking up and being exactly the same. 

Crack goes the record, the needle drops, and the music stops.
Everyone stares, then everyone leaves, and that begs the question, "will you leave just like the rest?"

When I suffer, keep your prayers to yourself. When I suffer, keep your prayers. 
Track Name: Surgical Dream
Every sin will catch up to those who patiently wait.
Track Name: I'm Only Smiling On The Outside
Skin deep, my laughter is only skin deep. If you could see me withering away underneath
Bludgeon my head and put it to bed. Every memory coincided by regret.
It’s not easy to forget, but believe me I’ve tried. It’s not easy to digest, but believe me I have died.

I’m a sinner and so are you. If you weren’t you’d be a fool.
It’s so easy to break it. Your one rule. 
Track Name: To Kill For
You’re a star who burns like iron and you rust through the rain.
From summer through the winter and you’re my savior.

True bliss is your crooked teeth through that crooked smile.

I’ll count the ways to keep you as mine. I want to hide in your shade.
Roll the windows down and breath the still air.

We are so self destructive. Give me everything.
I will take it all. And then give me more.
I am yours and I will kill.
Track Name: ..Vanilla Filth..
Get down on your knees and pray to a godlike machine. A godlike machine called "white messiah."
This is your brain when it wants to destroy. All for the sake of devotion. Your eyes are on fire. 
Track Name: Failed Design
Here I am. Endless, nameless, draped in white, shameless.
The sun shines on glitter gold. The angels float here in the glow. 
The taste is bitter, the flavor I’ve savored. I don’t want to be saved. 

Softly, I fall into a bed of flowers.

You couldn't understand unless you’ve felt it. Your empty eyes want to decide. Well, I’ve already made up my mind. 
Don’t pity me with your candy hearts. When you couldn’t relate. We are worlds apart. 

Softly, I fall into a bed of flowers.

The world doesn’t love us and it owes us shit. It’s not hard to search for this lack of purpose.
It’s hard to digest the vomit and blood is stuck in my chest.

I am the sand in the air. You will wash away tonight. 
I am the stain on your blouse, you can squint at if you like.
I know it stings, the way things should have been.
I know it stings.

Softly, I fall into a bed of flowers.
Track Name: No One Listens When You Fall Apart
Ginger ale and the fetal position.
Who was it that chose this for me? It wasn’t me. 

Sing a song of six pence, pocket full of rye.
The numb is the void that lays awake at night.
Tear the pages of my diary, so you have nothing to remember me.

December 16, 1991. Please save the date. You’ll cry now and I will cry later. 
I’ll sell myself for you. I'll carve your name just to commit. There is no cure for me. Drop me and watch me break.

Always the wrong one. Never the right words.
Bruise, glow, take it slow.
The candle will burn to an end. From birth through defects, I would never change.

As selfish as it may be, I’m tired of the days that won’t let me sleep.
Dry your eyes and hide them.

I am a light that has died.

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